Fact Sheet Describes And Illustrates New Multiple-Size Rams

NL Rig Equipment of Houston has prepared a fact sheet illustrating and describing the new Shaffer Multi-Ramâ„¢ multiple-size rams.

The new rams are designed to close and seal on drill pipe from 31,/, to 5 inches in diameter, making Multi-Ram rams especially useful in situations in which a tapered string is employed. These rams are said to save drilling time and costs because they make ram change-out unnecessary. The variable Multi-Ram fit is accomplished through the use of unique ram rubbers with moldedin steel segments. As hydraulic pressure increases, the segments move radially inward, decreasing the bore size and ensuring a reliable seal. In addition, the new rams use standard ram holders and r e t a i n i n g screws, which makes them interchangeable with regular rams in Shaffer blowout preventers.

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For a free copy of the new fact sheet, write to Dave Wilkinson, NL Rig Equipment, Dept. MR, P.O. Box 1473, Houston, Texas, 77001.

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