Murphy Pacific Marine Salvage Promotes Madeo

Murphy Pacific Marine Salvage Company, One World Trade Center, Suite 8833 New York, N.Y. 10048, has announced the promotion of Joseph F. Madeo Jr. to the position of general manager of its Merritt Division. This is the former Marine Salvage Division


International Tug & Salvage Expo 1992

Show Set for May 27-29, Genoa, Italy The next (12th) International Tug & Salvage Exhibition will incorporate the Genoa Workboat Show, bringing two exhibitions under one roof at the international fairground in Genoa, Italy, May 27- 29, 1992,

Deep-Sea Towage, Salvage And Heavy-Lift Markets

The role of towage, salvage and heavy-lift within the shipping industry is not large, but its importance far outweighs its size and it embraces an impressive and diverse range of expertise. The individual markets have undergone major upheavals

Mo ran Towing And Crowley Maritime Form Ocean Salvors

Two leading tug firms in the United States, Moran Towing Corporation of New York, N.Y., and Crowley Maritime Corporation of San Francisco, Calif., have announced the formation of Ocean Salvors Company (OSC), a joint venture, to provide marine salvage,

U.S. Tank Barge Market Report

Since January 2000 there has been a decrease in the total number of inland tank barges listed for sale. Prices for inland tank barges have increased an average of 10 percent over last year for barges under 10,000 bbl capacity. Barges over 10,000 bbl have increased about 14 percent.

Bush Administration Backs Senate Approval Of Two Environmental Treaties

Two international maritime treaties that address oil pollution preparation and response and ship salvage operations are being pushed by the Bush Administration. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs Richard J.

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